Energy Work in accordance with your flow of Life

Smudging - Reiki - Rituals

You and your soul are longing for balance, harmony and to be in the flow with yourself and your life.

Do you want to get that process flowing again, continue to work on it or spark your inner potential/fire?


These 3 energetic techniques, can help you with that process:


Smudging - Reiki - Rituals



I work with these 3 techniques that I combine tailored to your concerns, wishes or desires. Being connected to the 4 elements and nature plays a big part for me and I am living this mentality throughout my work.



Also animals are responding very well to these techniques, which is why I also like to work with your pet (Dogs, Cats, Horses etc.).

The techniques I offer for our collaboration


Smudging your house/office

Smudging your chakras/auras

Personalized smudging herb mixture


Energy- and chakra


Setting up of a power place


Transformation of concerns and

personal topics

Accompanying therapy