Closeness to nature& Firepower

Our being is energetically connected to everything. Any cell is interacting with every cell in our body, our fellow human beings, animals, plants as well as the whole universe. This perspective is the foundation of my work and our collaboration.

This principle stands for my values and view on life. Everything is connected and every action, every spoken word and thought have an impact on us and our environment.


As a Sagittarius is my zodiac sign as well as my ascendant, I fully identify with the element of fire. This inner fire drives me to constantly pursue new adventures and activities. It used to make me seek out the globe and travel the world, now it is the driving force behind my energy work that I always strive to advance and iterate in new ways. 

My Energy Work is shaped by different influences. Due to my European heritage, I am practicing the following rites and rituals in my everyday life and in collaboration with you:

  •         Smudging
  •         Celtic Annual Circle
  •         Shamanic Rituals


A few years ago, I’ve discovered Reiki through my sensitivity and started integrating it into my work.


My resume

2008: Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel

2012: PhD in Molecular Pharmacy, University of Basel
Since 2012: Various positions in the Medical Depratment in Pharma Industry

Since 2015: Reiki (Grad 1-3) with Rita Hasler 
Since 2016: Channeling and working group with Regula Meyer
2016/2017: Smudging seminars and coaching with Biljana Sabally