Energy Work in accordance with your flow of Life

 It is very important to me in our collaboration that we are following this principle: 'Energy work in accordance with your flow of life'. Every Human being is in his own flow of life/life process. Every process has its meaning and is meant to be lived. These processes can vary greatly; everything can flow and all aspirations come naturally but it can also be hard and challenging. No matter if it’s hard or effortless it’s always good to let it flow, one might just be harder than the other.


I can help you deal with these processes. We can analyze your flow of life together to find out where and why it’s hindered in order to work towards getting it back into a flow. 


Unimpeded development of your being

If your live is in your flow of life you can develop your being, your talents and your passions much easier and live an unhindered life.


These questions are important respectively:

  • Do you know your true self?
  • Do you know your talents and passions?
  • How can you identify your true self and integrate it step by step in to your everyday life?

How do I work?


Depending on your concern I am combining all three techniques: Smudging, Reiki and a Ritual. These techniques complement each other very well. While doing the energy work, a missing link in the process is often revealed or a need arises to use an additional technique. This is how I am capable of combining every aspect of it as we work together.


Which technique is best for you?


How do you know which technique suits you best? I recommend you go with your gut feeling and start with the method that appeals to you most. I can also help you to find the most suitable technique for you.