Reiki treatment

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work. Rei stands for soul and Ki for life force energy. This technique enables your life force energy to flow again free throughout your body by resolving energy blockades. Therefore, your body's self-healing powers can be activated.


How can a Reiki treatment support you?

The energy flow in our bodies can be disrupted by many factors (e.g. stress, diseases, etc.). These disruptions can manifest in physical or mental discomfort. With Reiki, your life force energy can be brought back to a flow. Your physical discomfort can be remedied and your mind and soul will feel reconnected to your flow of life.


I very often combine a Reiki treatment with smudging. Both techniques work on your life force energy and can be supportive during a treatment. 



Price per treatment (duration: 1 hour)

CHF 120.-