Smudging your chakras/auras

Smudging your house/office

Personalized smudging herb mixture

Smudging of your chakras/auras


The transformational energy of smudging can have a crucial impact on your flow of life. By smudging, the energy of plants can be used to highlight, transform and solve your energetic processes.


What effect can smudging of your chakras/auraus have?

The entire life is a flow of events, feelings, emotions and actions. By performing a smudging of your chakras/auras, obstructions to your flow of life can be revealed and the energy of the plants help to keep this process transforming. Different aspects can arise while smudging, e.g. power animals, nature spirits, colors etc.




CHF 120.- / hour incl. all material.

Smudging of your house or office - Energetic room cleansing

Every human being possesses an energy field, so does your house, appartment or office (i will call them in general 'spaces'). We have different methods to cleanse our energy system every day (e.g. yoga, meditation, a conversation etc.). What about the spaces you are in every day? Stagnant energy can accumulate in the rooms. 


What kind of energies can accumulate in a room and what effect can they have?

Energies: Arguments, depressions, bullying, grief,  etc.


Effects: Restlessness, fatigue, lack of concentration, bad sleep, anxiety, etc.


What can be achieved by smudging your space?

The accumulated energies in your rooms can be transformed and therefore cleansed. After smudging your space, it will feel light and balanced and you will be able to unfold yourself and YOUR energy in your rooms.


Depending on the space and also your preference, it can be beneficial to set up a power place. This has shown to be very useful in office spaces and spaces where you work, because it enhances concentration. 



CHF 120.- / hour incl. all material.

Personalized smudging herb mixture

Smudging is very well suited for everyday life. Besides smudging on coal, there is also the possibility to smudge the herbs over a tea candle. This method is more gentle and also suitable for kids.


Personalized smudging herb mixtures are widely applicable:

- concentration at work

- energetic room cleansing

- relaxation

- opening of the heart

- balance

- etc.


I am preparing the content of the personalized smudging herb mixture tailored to your needs and concerns. Every mixture is unique.



Personalized smudging herb mixture: CHF 60.- plus CHF 8.- shipping costs

Smudging herb mixture and instructions via Skype or What's App call (approx. 20 min): CHF 80.- plus CHF 8.- shipping costs